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What are 4 things to note when looking for a web designer in Singapore?

Web design is essential when building a website for your business. That is because an attractive and user-friendly website can get the attention of many people. Gaining attention is the first step in getting a buyer to make a purchase on your online business. For these reasons, you need the assistance of a good web designer Singapore agency.

In searching for a good web design Singapore company, there are qualities that you need to look for. These qualities will ensure that the web designer Singapore professionals will deliver the high-quality business website that you need. In this article, we will discuss the five things to note when looking for a web design Singapore firm.

Quality #1 – Experience

One of the important qualities of a good web designer Singapore professional is being experienced. Experience is essential when hiring a web designer. That is because they had already practised their knowledge of web design. As a result, web designing already feels like second nature to them.

Designing your website is easy for them. Furthermore, they can even incorporate features in a website that only a skilled and experienced web designer can do. For example, they can set videos to resize depending on the device used by the audience. Thus, make sure that the web designer you are intending to hire has worked with many satisfied clients before you.

A good way to figure out the experience of the web design Singapore team is by asking for their portfolio. A good web designer keeps and updates a portfolio that showcases all the websites they had worked on. Furthermore, you can also check the reviews online to see if they have delivered great services to their clients.

Quality #2 – Specialisation

Each web designer Singapore expert has a specialisation in web designing. It is impossible for a web designer to be an expert in all programming languages and design platforms. If they do claim to have lots of specialisation, it only shows that they have not mastered a specific web design technique. Unless they are outsourcing numerous web designers, they cannot execute well on their own the most complicated web design procedure in a specific programming language. For that reason, you need a web design Singapore team who advertise a specific specialisation.

Look for web designer Singapore companies that have specialisation that will fulfil your business website needs. That is why it is important that you determine what their expertise is. Are they specialise in creating eCommerce websites? Are they good at designing blogging websites? Do they offer web design Singapore packages that meet your budget and requirements? Therefore, it is important that you know what type of web designer Singapore services you will need for your website before searching for one.

Quality #3 – Credibility

Apart from experience and specialisation, it is important to take note of the web design Singapore agency’s credibility. One way to determine this is by checking for their certification. Usually, they will have a soft copy of their certification posted online. You can also check out if they have earned awards and recognition for website designing.

Other than that you should also ask about their company milestones. How far have they come since they first designed a website? How many clients have they worked with so far? A good website designer Singapore professional keeps track of their milestones. They also have goals and improvement plans that will help them grow and achieve new milestones. Thus, find a web design Singapore business that is dedicated to fulfilling their vision.

Apart from those, you should also check if they are practising their Corporate Social Responsibility. They should be not only finding ways to motivate their staff but also build goodwill with the community they represent. A credible web designer Singapore team is not a group who agrees to all the demands of the clients. They should have ideals of their own that they can stand on. As a result, they are able to execute effectively their web design services as they maintain their credibility.

Quality #4 – Design quality

The main purpose why businesses hire a web designer is to get the best quality website. There are three ways to determine whether a web designer Singapore team will deliver the best quality website. The first one is being able to create a user-centred design. This means that the website experience of the user is taken into account throughout the design procedure.

The second way to determine a web design Singapore professional is if their designs are aligned with the trends. Out-dated designs will not help your business website get more viewers. That is why it is important that the website designer is aware of the most recent trends in designing. Furthermore, they should be able to apply these trends in your website to make it very competitive. The last one is that they are able to show all of these quality web design skills set in an impressive portfolio.

What are the traits of a good web designer?

A good web designer must have the necessary traits and ability to create a website.

However, it is also important to find a web designer that listens to your business needs.


A good web designer would have worked in over a dozen projects. Experience often plays a crucial role in turning an ordinary site into an amazing one.


Many software engineers are able to code in many languages. However, a good web designer is one who has decided to specialise in web development.


A good web designer would be well-known in the local web design industry and carry a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy.

User Friendly Website

Designing a website is creative work. However, a good web designer must consider the user experience above all else.

What is a user-friendly website?

A user-friendly website means that your website shouldn’t be hard to navigate.

It should also not take too much time for the web pages to load. There should not be any crashing issues and other web errors. The website must be compatible to any screen size from computers to smartphones.