In a highly competitive digital world, there are many factors that contribute to your eCommerce website’s rate of conversion. The act of conversion is when a percentage of visitors have come to your eCommerce website and have become customers by completing a desired action. This is where eCommerce website designing should be professionally maintained to higher your conversion rate.

Hiring a marketing agency to develop eCommerce website is one thing. However, a conversion rate is improved through optimization. This is where your eCommerce website designing team will come up with goals and KPIs to hit by a certain period of time.

Conversion rates are important in the world of eCommerce website designing. eCommerce businesses work with digital marketing companies to improve their websites. This. in turn, improves their rate of conversion. Examples of typical conversions for an eCommerce website include an online sale, email signups, social media shares and users adding products to their cart. This guide covers 3 tips to improve your eCommerce website’s rate of conversion.

1. High quality content – images and video on your product page

A primary feature to have in the process of eCommerce website designing would be to add high quality images or video on your product page. Your visitors have only what’s displayed on your website to determine whether they are interested or not. For example if you own an eCommerce retail outlet, having high quality photographs of your products that show the detail of the clothing will garner a lot more consumers into making a purchase. 

There are some situations where businesses plan to develop eCommerce website but their services do not require the use of photographs or video. In this case, other aspects of their content should be of high quality. The written content such as length, style and size of font are important too. The written content should be easily readable by the customers.

2. Simplified website structure 

The layout of the website should be less complex and easy to get around. Hiring experts in eCommerce website designing will know that in today’s society minimalist style goes a long way. It is advised to Develop eCommerce website that is organized categorically in a logical manner.

Certain points to remember in eCommerce website designing are things like navigation menu, search bar, drop-down menu, or in some cases filter search. These points are the backbone to what makes the eCommerce website designing process successful.

With a simplified website structure, it is more likely to increase your chances of a higher conversion rate. 

3. Responsive web design for other devices 

Optimizing your eCommerce website to be accessible on other devices is important. Responsive web design is now a factor that contributes to Google’s ranking system. Therefore, getting on page 1 can definitely increase your chances of a higher conversion rate.

This part of the process to develop eCommerce website that is responsive on mobile devices can be discussed with your eCommerce website designing agency. This is the challenging part of the eCommerce website development and should be handled by professionals. Statistics show that in 2018, almost a third of retail sales were done through mobile devices.

Therefore, if your eCommerce website designing process does not look into responsive web design, then you will be missing out on a big amount of sales. These sales could help improve your conversion rate. 

In summary 

Your eCommerce website’s rate of conversion is a way to see how profitable your business is. The higher it is the more chances you have in succeeding in the long run. These 3 tips to improve your rate of conversion are just the tip of the iceberg. However, this is the job of a eCommerce website designing team to fulfil your goals and KPIs for an online business.

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