3 Tips to improve your eCommerce website’s rate of conversion

Your rate of conversion is the most important metric of your eCommerce web design.

Branding is one thing. Conversion is another. Your conversion rate is the traffic-to-buy percentage.

When you set up your eCommerce store, you will start collecting data. Web traffic. Number of sales. Number of clicks.

Google Analytics makes it easy for you to calculate this. You can find the percentage of visitors that go to your eCommerce website to buy your product.

But conversions doesn’t have to be sales. It can be email signups, social media shares and adding products to cart.

Let’s talk about 3 tips to improve your eCommerce website’s rate of conversion.

1. High quality content, images and video, on your product page

Have high quality product images. Have videos that show customers how to use your product.

If you own an eCommerce outlet, take high quality photos of customers shopping. This will garner online attention. Apart from online sales, more will visit your shops.

There are so many eCommerce stores in Singapore that spend thousands on inventory. But won’t spare a few hundred dollars on a professional photographer. This is such a shame. Customers won’t buy your products if they don’t get a good impression on your website.

The copy (written text) is very important too. Make it readable. Keep information short and concise. Use simple words that your customers can understand without a lot of effort.

2. Simplified website structure

The layout of the website should be less complex and easy to get around. A minimalist style is the way to go.

Start from what you want users to find on the menu. Then, do the same for each category or sub page.

A simple website structure means that customers can find products and categories. A sitemap that has very few products also means that attention is narrowed to a few products.

3. Responsive web design for other devices

Optimizing your eCommerce website to be accessible on other devices is important.

Responsive web design is now a factor that contributes to Google’s ranking system. This is because nearly 50% of Google’s users are on their mobile device.

In 2018, mobile devices contribute for almost a third of retail sales. So this isn’t only for Google. A mobile responsive website is a quick way to increase your conversion rate.

In summary

The higher your eCommerce conversion rate, the more sales you make for the same 100 visitors.

These are just three tips to improve your conversion rate. It is the tip of the iceburg. Amazon has hundreds of people looking into improving this KPI.

Start implementing these three and track everything. Good luck.